Lebanon Music Festivals Are Not Stopping Anytime Soon!

Lebanon Music Festivals Are Not Stopping Anytime Soon
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Despite its numerous problems and crises, Lebanon will persist, and its music festivals will continue to promote optimism in the midst of the overwhelming negativity.

“Lebanon will triumph over the hardship it is going through and will not surrender as long as its people love life,” insisted Mazen Bou Dargham, advisor to the minister of tourism.

The official’s recent remarks to the National News Agency radiated hope and optimism around Lebanon’s fate at a time when the country is crumbling under compounding crises.

One of the grounds for his attitude, which may currently seem unpopular compared to the general mood of the Lebanese public, is the tourism season that started out with the reopening of Beirut-Rafik Hariri International Airport.

“The citizen in the Lebanese interior suffers from the difference in currency, as the minimum wage has become less than $100, and this is terrifying. Hence, we call for overcoming it through tourism,” Bou Dargham declared.

Since the said currency problem can be a perk for those who carry U.S. dollars in Lebanon, the expert finds that this year’s tourists can help boost the failing economy.

With that in mind, he asserts that drawing tourists to Beirut is a particularly crucial objective for Lebanon at this time.

One of the means to do so, Bou Dargham finds, is music festivals, like the amazing concert that took place in Baalbek yesterday.

Regardless of the COVID-19 outbreak and the financial difficulties, these festivals will not stop, Bou Dargham told the NNA.

“We met with the festival committees and asked them to organize their festivals with complete freedom in the way they celebrate them, and everyone will contribute to their success.”

The Lebanese can help promote their country to the world this summer by participating in social media campaigns, creating and sharing videos and artwork, and engaging in other activities that shine a light on the beautiful side of Lebanon.

“All of this is to say that Lebanon is still breathing, will not surrender, and will not die.”

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