Fuel & Diesel Prices In Lebanon Face A Major Increase Due To Russian-Ukrainian War

Beirut Municipality Is Fining Closed Gas Stations Storing Gasoline
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As the Ukrainian-Russian military operations continue to develop, the world is facing the consequences of the conflict, notably Lebanon amid its ongoing crises, including a major fuel crisis and hyperinflation.

The Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water published on Thursday the new price list of the fuel and diesel as the barrel value is increasing worldwide.

The Syndicate of Gas Station Owners in Lebanon fears that the Russian invasion will affect even more the national fuel crisis.

The Energy Ministry issued the second list of the prices, with the first list dating only two days earlier.

The prices of the fuel and Diesel in Lebanon are now as followed:

Gasoline 95 octane: 397,000 LBP, which increased by 28,000 LPB

Gasoline 98 octane: 407,000 LBP, which increased by 28 000 LPB

Diesel Oil: 375,000 LBP, which increased by 41,000LPB

Gas Canister: 288,000 LBP, which increased by 15,000 LPB