Video: Fuel Truck Receives Warm Welcome At Gas Station In Lebanon

Video Fuel Truck Receives Warm Welcome At Gas Station In Lebanon

The infamous car queues are getting longer by the day as Lebanon’s fuel problem gets worse.

Waiting for hours inside one’s car has become the norm in the otherwise swift refueling process. The sight of the fuel truck arriving to supply the gas station is now something to play music and dance over.

That’s what almost happened at a gas station in Beirut’s southern suburbs on Thursday morning.

In a video posted on social media, a tank truck is seen approaching the gas station, in Borj El-Brajneh, while anxious bystanders watch on.

The employee who filmed the occurrence seemed even happier than the people waiting to have their vehicles refueled with the usual 20,000 Lebanese pounds (or less).

This is evident from the song edited over the video, “Ahla Bhatalleh,” by late Lebanese singer Sabah, a song about celebrating the arrival of a special person

The video highlights just how bad the fuel crisis in Lebanon has become.

Similar videos that recently went viral include one showing a teacher hitching a motorcycle ride from a student to get to school after failing to refuel her car; one showing people sleeping in their cars overnight to refuel the next day; and another with a teacher giving her online class in her car while waiting for her turn at the gas station.

*Photo used for illustrative purposes.