Lebanon’s Labor Union Will Go On A General Strike Next Week

This Labor Day Is The Worst Lebanon Has Seen In Decades

The General Labor Union has called for a general strike to be held in protest of the country’s worsening circumstances.

The Union’s president, Bechara Asmar, announced the move during a press conference that followed a meeting of the unions and syndicates of land transport on Monday.

He said that the Union was headed “toward a general strike and demand movements early next week,” stressing the need to “abandon all selfishness and find a government and not to remove subsidies in an irresponsible way, because that would lead to a popular revolution.”

On his part, the head of the Land Transport Union in Lebanon, Bassam Tleis, said that mechanical inspection centers will remain closed all over Lebanon “until they become the custody of the state and the law.”

He also announced that a meeting would take place on Tuesday, at the headquarters of the General Labor Union.

The meeting will determine the dates of the “major escalatory moves,” which Tleis said will include setting up tents in front of the Ministry of Interior so that mechanical inspection centers in Lebanon would be under the control of the state.