Lebanese Ministry Of Health Is Distributing 1 Million Face Masks For Free

Straits Times/Timothy David

The Ministry of Public Health will start distributing one million face masks for free on Tuesday, May 26th, to encourage people to wear them as a precaution against the second wave of the coronavirus.

According to the ministry, Lebanon is in a crucial stage where it is vital that people wear face masks and protect themselves and those around them.

Lebanon’s minister of public health Hamad Hassan took to Twitter to announce: “One million face masks will be distributed for free as part of a cooperation between the Health Ministry and the Interior Ministry.”

Minister Hamad took his time replying to comments. When asked if masks were N95, he responded, “Chill, dude.”

As of the time of writing, Lebanon has recorded 1,119 cases of coronavirus, 26 deaths, and 688 recoveries. The majority of infected have experienced only mild symptoms, while many others were asymptomatic.

Partnering up with several NGOs, the Ministries of Interior and of Public Health also “launched a three-pillar national campaign to raise awareness to avoid the rise of a second wave of coronavirus”.

Understanding that the citizens are tired of the back to back lockdowns, and realizing the need to reopen the country, the government is aiming to promote proper health measures once again.

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