Lebanon’s Health Ministry Warns Pandemic Not Over Yet


Ministry of Public Health stated that the Coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, and there are many new mutations that have caused an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in many countries, especially European ones.

The reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of new waves of the Coronavirus that are expected to be stronger in terms of spreading infection.

Given that people vaccinated with two Coronavirus vaccine doses in Lebanon do not exceed 45%, and the preventive measures of wearing a mask and social distancing has become almost non-existent in Lebanese society, the Health Ministry urges precautions.

Accordingly, the National Committee for Communicable Diseases at the ministry issued the following recommendations:

  • Adhere to preventive measures in terms of social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask, especially in public institutions, gatherings, restaurants, and closed places.
  • Citizens should hurry to take the vaccine if they haven’t taken any dose yet. It has been scientifically proven that receiving the Covid vaccine on a regular basis reduces deaths resulting from the disease in a significant way, and limits its complications, especially for those that require hospitalization or intensive care.
  • Everyone who received 2 doses of the vaccine should take the third dose.
  • Based on scientific recommendations, anyone who has received the third dose, for more than 6 months, can now obtain a fourth dose of the vaccine without a prior appointment through the “walk-in” service.
  • The Ministry encourages children from 5 to 12 years old to be vaccinated when the vaccine for this age group is available.

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