Lebanon Held Talks With India And Turkey For Wheat Supplies

Eric Albrecht / AP

Lebanon’s Minister of Economy and Trade, Amin Salam, met with the ambassadors of Turkey and India on Tuesday to discuss the possibilities of wheat supply from their country.

Lebanon, which has had enough wheat reserves for one month in February, is now edging closer to facing a shortage of this essential commodity with the Russian-Ukrainian war developing dramatically.

Minister Salam stated that his meetings with the ambassadors of India and Turkey aimed to fuel enough efforts to confront the impact of the war on Lebanon’s food security sector.

He discussed with the Turkish ambassador Ali Baris Ulusoy ways that Turkey could help to ease the Lebanese eminent wheat crisis.

As for the Indian Ambassador to Lebanon, Dr. Sohel Ajaz Khan, he assured the Lebanese minister that his country has enough wheat reserves to secure the quantities Lebanon needs.

On Tuesday, a ship coming from Ukraine unloaded 11,000 tonnes of wheat at the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon.

Lebanon was already struggling after the Beirut Blast destroyed its biggest grain silos in the port of Beirut. Now it is facing the consequences of the Russian war on Ukraine, which, until that war, provided Lebanon with about 60% of its need for wheat.

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