These Products In Lebanon Are Noting A High Increase In Prices

The dollar in Lebanon has reached the higher it has ever been since 1990 in its exchange to the Lebanese Pounds, which resulted in a significant increase in prices, especially imported products that were already overpriced.

People have been complaining, and rightfully so, about the extraordinary prices of basic food accommodation, the likes of eggs and cowpeas.

Eggs are being sold at 13,000 LBP and cowpeas at 11,000 LBP, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


In order to raise their voices on the high increase in prices of local and imported products, Lebanese people have been taking pictures of these overpriced items and posting them on social media, or sending them to each other.

The prices indicated below are as of the time of writing.

#1 Milk

Nido milk has been spotted in one of the big supermarkets in Lebanon for 49,000 LBP, which is considered more than double its previous price.

#2 Pine Kernels

Pine kernels have been overpriced since forever in Lebanon; some even joke that it is as expensive as gold. However, they are now being sold at 250,000 LBP, which is considered way too expensive.

To note, pine kernel is an ingredient the Lebanese cuisine uses in countless of its traditional recipes.

#3 Tuna

Tuna cans have been experiencing major price changes, and no one really understands why. One day it is 3,745 LBP, the next day it’s 5,190 LBP, and the third day it is priced at 7,416 LBP.

#4 Diapers

Diapers are also considered expensive items. However, Pampers is being sold at 64,500 LBP, when its previous price never exceeded 30,990 LBP a bag (largest size).

#5 Lentil

White Lentil has been found in supermarkets being sold as high as 6,500 LBP per kg when it used to be 3,000 LBP for one kg of lentil.

#6 Peanut Butter

Nour Abdul Reda

Four months earlier, Monarch peanut butter was 4,000 LBP. Now, it is priced at 12,050 LBP.

#7 Eggs

Eggs may have been the most shocking for people. One day, an egg cartoon would be at 4,500 LBP, another day the very same cartoon goes up to 13,000 LBP.

#8 Jallab

Jallab is a traditional drink in the Holy Month of Ramadan. However, Kassatly Shtaura Jallab is being priced at 15,000 LBP and 19,000 LBP. This popular drink is now a luxury to buy and is not considered a necessity (its original price used to be 9,000 LBP).

#9 Nuts

1kg of unpeeled nuts used to cost 25,000 LBP. Now, the same amount of nuts is being sold as high as 60,000 LBP.

#10 Chips

When a bag of Doritos chips used to cost around 6,000-7,000 LBP a bag, imported Doritos are being now sold for 23,000 LBP.

#11 Cheese spread

Imported Picon’s price (24 portions, 360 g) has soared to 16,000 LBP when, in fact, it costs 9,500 LBP on normal days.

#12 Chocolate spread

This broke the hearts of many. A 750g Nutella jar is now being sold at 13,500-16,000 LBP in local supermarkets and can cost up to $19 if imported.

If the dollar is being valued according to exchange markets, then the imported Nutella can cost up to 39,000 LBP.

#13 Deodorant

In December, Al-Jadeed reporter Rachel Karam tweeted that imported Dove deodorant is being sold at 15,999 LBP while the local one is priced at 3,500-4,000 LBP.

#14 Mortadella

Karam’s tweet attracted so many people who were shocked by some prices of the products they bought themselves. Twitter user @joeekaram shared a photo of 3 slices of Italian mortadella that he paid 4,500 LBP for.

#15 Cereal

Independent Journalist Luna Safwan tweeted two weeks ago that the cost of an Oreo cereal box equals to her filling her car with fuel:

“This Oreo cereal box is at exactly 35,000 LBP. (1$ = 1515 LBP prior to our economic crisis in #Lebanon – now 1$ = >3000 LBP) – I literally filled up my whole car fuel tank for 30,000 LBP. An imported cereal box is officially a luxury now in Lebanon.”

#16 Chocolate

Lindt chocolate has always been classified as fine chocolate. However, Twitter user @joyceSucaar spotted Lindt chocolate 700g at 39,000 LBP in one supermarket and then bought it at 30,000 LBP in another supermarket.

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