Lebanon’s Hospital Sector Is At Risk Of Collapse

Lebanese hospitals' stock of fuel is only sufficient to cover their needs for a maximum of two days, the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon warned.
Al Arabiya

In a cry for help, the Syndicate of Hospital Owners issued a statement this week saying that despite numerous talks with officials, “there is still no glimmer of hope in solving the problems facing the hospital sector.”

The fear that medical care at hospitals would be reserved for the wealthy and well-connected is being confirmed day by day, the syndicate said. 

“It has become impossible for hospitals to receive patients on the shoulders of official and private guarantors without charging the patient with differences in the prices of medical supplies and laboratory and radiological tests.” 

The sector is being challenged and threatened every day with the scarcity of material and equipment needed to fulfill tests and procedures. In addition, hospitals are facing a shortage of diesel that is threatening them with closure.

“We do not know what will happen to us tomorrow… There is no solution to the problems of the hospital sector without external support.”

However, the support hospitals need cannot come before a government is formed, but the syndicate believes all meetings and alerts issued fall on deaf ears.

Notably, hospitals have already begun turning away patients as happened with a 4-year-old girl, Mila Moussa, who died after hospitals across the country told her parents they couldn’t take her in.

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