Lebanon Will Now Implement New Telecom Bill

@JohnnyCorm | oecd

Lebanon’s Caretaker Minister of Telecommunications Johnny Corm affirmed to MTV on Tuesday that the bill for the new telecom tariffs will be implemented on July 1st.

He explained that the new bill “is calculated for cellphones by dividing the current bill by 3 and multiplying it by Sayrafa’s rate, and for Ogero multiplying it by 2.5, but it will be higher for companies.”

This bill will be applied to Ogero, Alfa, and Touch telecommunication services which, according to the minister, will improve with the increased prices.

Corm also stated that the new tariffs will not evoke anger on the streets because “the situation is currently different from the past, and citizens are aware of this.”

The bill was approved on May 20 as part of the government’s economic rescue plan.

Lebanon has been going through an economic crisis since 2019, and the rate of the dollar to the Lebanese Lira continues to decline.

The country’s official exchange rate is still at 1,500LL while the dollar’s black market rate has reached 30,000LL.

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