Team Lebanon Ranked Third At International Robotics Competition!

Not only Lebanese businessmen have a great success abroad; Lebanese kids hit it big, too! Recently, a team from Lebanon participated in the

First Global Challenge

in Washington D.C. 

Team Lebanon

won “The Albert Einstein’s Global International Excellence Award” and ranked third. This competition is an international robotics event that gathers teams of high school students from 158 countries. The goal of this event is to improve the students’ skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and to make students gain more knowledge.

About Team Lebanon

The members of the Lebanese team are part of the

Student Technology Club

(STC) at

Rafik Hariri University

. The club aims at improving the students’ skills in STEM. This team constantly takes part in competitions on a national level. The topic of this year’s

First Global Challenge

 was “Water Crisis”. The goal aimed at solving this international crisis. The tasks were storing drinkable water, purifying water, and finding new sources of water. STC is made of five students that are specialized in different fields. Here are the members:

  • Ali Gaddar: programmer
  • Mohammad Saudi: designer
  • Hassan Kobrosly: designer
  • Kareem Kawtharani: designer programmer
  • Mohammad Abdallah: designer programmer

All of them thank their mentor for their success and their love for robotics. Dr. Bassam Moslem constantly encourages them and guides them in the world of science. Not only had the teams that took part in the competition showed dedication, motivation, and perseverance but they also showed their great spirits. The teams from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Libya were cheering

Team Hope

which is the Syrian team. Also, the teams that are from countries that have bad relations with each other were seen chatting, taking selfies, and making friendships such as Israel and Iran in addition to Armenia and Turkey. These students cared about winning and most importantly about learning and meeting people from all over the world. Congrats Team Lebanon!

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