Lebanon Just Issued Interpol Arrest Warrant For Zeina Kanjo’s Husband

Lebanon Just Issued Interpol Arrest Warrant For Zeina Kanjo's Husband

The Lebanese judiciary has issued an Interpol arrest warrant for Ibrahim Ghazal, the Lebanese man who murdered his wife, Zeina Kanjo, earlier this month.

Prosecutor-General Judge Ghassan Oueidat issued the Interpol warrant for Ghazal on Thursday and sent it to Ankara, requesting his arrest and extradition to , Al-Jadeed reported.

Ghazal had fled to earlier in February, after strangling his wife to death in their house in .

A few days later, ’s Attorney-General Judge Ziad Abou Haidar charged the man with murder. At the time, Ghazal had been posting photos of Kanjo, claiming to “miss” her.

Ghazal has been relatively vocal about the crime since he committed it and publicly went through its details during an interview with a local TV station last weekend, sparking public outrage at both him and the TV station for giving him a space to try to explain, hence justify, his committed femicide.

Ghazal promised to return to by last Monday but has remained at large since.

Mohammad Kanjo, Zeina‘s bereaved father, has confirmed to Annahar that Ghazal had been beating her and that a domestic violence lawsuit had been filed in in response.

“The forensic doctor mentioned that my daughter was strangled by her husband, who is from and a resident of , a few years older than her…” Kanjo said, adding that the murder was Ghazal’s response to the abuse complaint of his wife against him.

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