Lebanon Is Expected To Gain More Than $3 Billion Through Tourism This Summer

Lebanon is expected to gain more than $3 billion from tourism this summer, said Minister of Tourism Walid Nassar to AFP on Wednesday.

“This summer is promising. We expect more than a million tourists and an income of $3-3.5 billion during this summer season,” said Nassar.

Around 75% of the current tourists are Lebanese diaspora, and the remaining 25% are expected from the Arab Gulf states, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan.

This year, the Ministry of Tourism launched a campaign to encourage tourism to the country this summer, regardless of the various crises Lebanon is currently enduring.

Lebanon has been struggling with an economic crisis since 2019, and it has been especially difficult during the Coronavirus pandemic due to the lack of tourism.

According to Nassar, Lebanon is expected to receive between 10,000 and 12,000 tourists per day and around 1 million tourists over the next few months, which will hopefully help revive the country’s economy.

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