The Women’s 2022 Race Calls Women In Lebanon To Draw Their Path Forward


The Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) announced that the Women’s 2022 Race will be held under the theme “Draw your Path” as a call to action for all women in Lebanon to keep moving forward.

“We have decided to continue the association’s journey for life and hope in our country, for women who are the spring of life and the pulse of society…hence, the association worked to promote the national identity and worked according to the slogan: peace, love, giving,” said May El Khalil, the founder of Beirut Marathon.

El Khalil also affirmed her belief in the equality between women and men, adding that women are “life-makers, hope, and patience without limits.”

The Beirut International Marathon has set the limit for participation in the race this year at 5,000 runners.

The women’s 2022 Race includes a 10KM race, which is competitive and is reserved only for women. The women’s and men’s 21KM semi-marathon is not competitive. The 5KM race is open to all and for a cause in cooperation with charities.

There is also a Virtual race for 10 KM and 21.1KM, by which a portion of the Registration Fees will go to 6 Lebanese local NGOs related to women’s causes. 

The registrations for participation are set to take place locally via the “ihjoz” platform, with the deadline for registration set for March 20, 2022.

The Women’s 2022 Race has also provided the 510-free of charge-training program, supported by CMA CGM, and available in 17 regions in Lebanon, to train women wanting to join the 10KM race.

The 8th edition of the Women’s Race is scheduled for Sunday, March 27, from Beirut’s Waterfront.

The Beirut Marathon Women’s race was first launched in 2013, aiming to unite women of Lebanon from all ages and backgrounds through running in a race dedicated to them.

For more information and for registration about the event, feel free to check Women’s 2022 Race’s website.

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