Lebanon Is Launching Technology Training Across the Country

Minister of State for Investment and Technology Mr. Adel Afyouni announced that a technological awareness, rehabilitation, and training campaign is about to be launched. “This opportunity is available for all citizens, regardless of their age or geographical location,” he said.


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Explaining the purpose of this nationwide campaign in technology training, Minister Afyouni said, “This is so we can benefit from the experience the Lebanese young people in this sector have, and to prepare the youth for the labor market.” 

As per Mr. Afyouni, the Ministry of Investment and Technology hasn’t faced any obstacles so far, and he is feeling optimistic. The plans and draft laws that were presented to Lebanon’s Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers and the MPs have received constant support.


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As per Minister Afyouni, the plan is in action and they’ve been working on four main goals. “First, improving the business environment regarding the technology sector; secondly, facilitating the financing of this sector; thirdly, facilitating the export of services to foreign markets; and fourth, attracting companies and jobs to Lebanon, and turning the country into a technology business platform.”

He added that they are working on developing a related legislation to suits this plan. “We have already accomplished some of these steps, and we have found the necessary support,” he asserted.


Mr. Afyouni believes that the current level of Lebanon in the technology sector is indicative of its capabilities and potentials. Furthermore, he deems it necessary to increase the contribution of the sector to the national income.

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“This is one of our objectives. Therefore, we must take advantage of success stories to develop this sector and increase its growth,” he stated, and elaborated on the importance of cooperation between all the ministers, especially as “we are going through what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”


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It is of no surprise that technological developments affect the labor market. It is now a priority to rehabilitate young people and develop their potential to be at this level of advancement and meet the requirements of the labor market.

Mr. Afyouni acknowledged the difficult economic condition in Lebanon and its direct effect, in particular about many Lebanese considering leaving the country. However, he invited these people in particular to reconsider their decisions.


“I appreciate this because I also left Lebanon at a stage in my life for the same reasons and in times of war and worked abroad,” he said. “Today I came back because I reached a stage in my life in which I would like to put my expertise in the economic and technological fields to serve the country. I would not have taken this step if I had no certainty that a solution to the economic crisis we are living is possible.”

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Note that Mr. Afyouni met with the Ambassador of the Estonian Republic to Ankara, Mrs. Marin Motosin, in his office at the Ministry on July 17th, 2019. He discussed with the Estonian ambassador ways of cooperation between the public and private sectors in the field of technology, the e-government file that Lebanon is working on, as well as ideas on twinning projects in the technology sector between the two countries.


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