Lebanon is Using ‘COVIDIOT’ to Refer to People Not Quarantining


Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic. It’s bound to get very emotional reactions from people who are scared. That’s normal. People have different ways of reacting to the news and some are very prone to emotional outbursts.

There are, however, a certain group of people who engage in behaviors that are irresponsible, like to spread misinformation, and basically make everything worse for themselves and everyone around them.

There is a new trending word for them now; it’s Covidiot.

What does the word 'Covidiot' mean?

LBC Journalist Mario Abboud had some choice words to say about the people who crowded Beirut’s Corniche al-Manara a few days ago.

He was rightly outraged at the irresponsible behavior that people were engaging that could infect them and their loved ones.

There is also another incident that took place recently in Akkar where people gathered in the house of a patient in celebration over him testing negative for the Coronavirus, only to later testing positive.

As a result of this incident, the municipality head of Bebnine in Akkar released a warning telling people to stay at home, and telling them off for continuing with their social gatherings.

Some are even reporting that the army is taking action to keep people off the streets.

Covidiots come in different shapes and sizes, however.

Some selfishly empty out supplies of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Some choose to get together in large groups. Some choose to go on as if nothing is going on.

Some choose to abandon established medicine for alternative homemade remedies, and some like to spread conspiracy theories.

All of these are not particularly egregious if done responsibly.

You can stock up supplies that you need but leave something for everyone else.

You can socialize with your friends over social media but keep your visits to a minimum and big gatherings are a no-no.

You can choose not to panic but do not start acting like there is nothing going on and getting other people sick; this pandemic is real and dangerous.

You can choose to engage in any and all kinds of spiritual healing you want but do not use them as a replacement for actual medicine.

You can choose to be a bit skeptical about the news coverage of the virus but do not try to peddle weird conspiracy theories, like how the virus was made in a lab as part of some Zionist-American-Chinese Armageddon project.

The Coronavirus is a huge problem but it’s something we can overcome together. Please be mindful of others and do your part to keep the virus from spreading.

The World Health Organization has released a set of symptoms that you should watch out for. If you or anyone you know has these symptoms please contact the following health resources.

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