Lebanon And Israel’s Maritime Demands Have Officially Been Met

Daily Sabah

A solution has been reached that satisfies both parties on the issue of border demarcation, and Lebanon has obtained all its demands, according to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elias Bou Saab.

Bou Saab stressed that “the American offer to demarcate the maritime borders is not an agreement or treaty with Israel.”

He stressed that Lebanon will get all its rights from the Qana field, and the Israelis can take compensation from Total, not from Lebanon.

In a statement, President Aoun “thanks the American mediator and the American administration for the efforts that have been made to reach this formula, confirms that he will conduct the necessary consultations on this national issue in preparation for the official announcement of the unified national position.”

The next step is to submit the agreement to the United Nations.

The head of the Israeli National Security Agency, Eyal Hulata, announced that a “historic” agreement is close to being finalized in order to resolve the long-running dispute over the demarcation of the maritime border with Lebanon.

“All our demands have been met and the amendments we have requested have been accepted,” Hulata said in an Arabic-language statement.

Yair Lapid said that the Israeli government will meet on Wednesday to approve the border demarcation agreement with Lebanon.

Earlier, Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, said that Israel would move ahead with plans to extract gas from the Karish field even if no deal is reached in Lebanon, warning Hezbollah that any attack would meet a “resolute” response.

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