Lebanon And Israel Might Finally Decide On The Maritime Border

Lebanon And Israel Will Reportedly Demarcate Maritime Border Next Month

The disputed maritime region between Lebanon and Israel has been a cause of heightened tensions between the two. According to recent reports, the date for awaited demarcation of the maritime border is nearing.

On Friday, Al-Markazia and other local media agencies reported that the US will be mediating an upcoming Lebanese-Israeli agreement to demarcate the maritime border, which has been a subject of heated debate for over a decade.

The reports cited an Israeli source, which alleged that the agreement is expected to take place in mid-October in Naqoura, South Lebanon in the presence of Lebanese and Israeli representatives, in addition to a senior American official.

Apparently, Israel has already indicated its willingness “to divide the rights in the region at a ratio of 58:42 in favor of Lebanon.”

This comes around 2 weeks after US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker said that Lebanon and Israel were nearing a framework deal on the demarcation of the maritime border.

“I certainly haven’t said that we have reached an agreement on the maritime and land border framework yet,” Schenker told Masdar Diplomacy. “I think we’re getting closer. We’ve engaged a bit on this.”

The disputed maritime territory measures close to 856 squared kilometers and includes reserves of oil and natural gas, which have further fueled the debate.

President Michel Aoun recently affirmed Lebanon’s claim of full rights over its water resources, natural wealth of oil and gas, and maritime borders in accordance with international law, condemning Israel’s violations of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

To crisis-ridden Lebanon, the extraction of the valuable offshore resources is very important at this critical stage for it to revitalize its collapsing economy.

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