Lebanon’s Laborers Hold Protests Across The Country

Lebanon's Laborers Are Protesting Across The Country
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Lebanon’s General Labor Union launched its planned “cautionary protests” across the country.

“The Day of Anger and Cautionary Rejection,” as the union called it, commenced in the early hours of Wednesday, with many main roads being blocked by protesters in Beirut, Tripoli, Aley, Tyre, Zahle, Saida, Baalbek, and other areas.

The protests are seeing wide participation from Lebanese laborers, who are denouncing the officials’ intention to end the central bank’s subsidy of essential commodities while also protesting the worsening economic conditions.

Labor associations in various Lebanese areas have issued statements encouraging the movement and calling for the formation of a government that can implement reforms and pull the country out of its turmoil.

The transport sector, in numerous areas from north to south, is seeing particularly heavy involvement in the protests.

Public transport workers have been very vocal in opposing the planned lifting of subsidies, particularly the subsidy of fuel, which would have severe repercussions on their ability to work amid the prevailing crisis.

From a protest held in the bus stop area near the Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut, Land Transport Union Head Bassam Tlais said that these protests are a warning message and a clear opposition to the notion of lifting subsidies.

The protesters have warned that an escalation would follow if their demands were not met.

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Lebanon's Laborers Hold Protests Across The Country

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