Lebanon Launches the Largest Breast Cancer Campaign 2019

October is recognized in Lebanon as all over the world as Breast Cancer Awareness month; “The Pink Month” where women are educated and reminded about the importance of prevention and early detection when it comes to breast cancer. Accordingly, Lebanon has kicked off its Breast Cancer Awareness month this year in pink, where the color is displayed all over the country and in several awareness campaigns and related events and activities.

Under the slogan Don’t hesitate, do the checkups and put your mind at ease, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health launched on Wednesday this year’s annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in a ceremony of a large attendance.


This campaign, which is considered the largest national health campaign in Lebanon to raise awareness of breast cancer, will continue until the end of January 2020. It will offer significant medical reductions and support for women in private and government hospitals and medical centers. That is to allow them to conduct radiography and periodic examinations necessary for early detection of the disease.

According to a circular issued by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, a related awareness white flag is to be raised under or by the Lebanese flag.

The flag carries a cedar and a pink ribbon and bears the slogan: Don’t hesitate, do the checkups and put your mind at ease. All departments and public institutions have been informed about raising the flag by the Ministry of Health.

Via The Daily Star

From his side, Minister of Public Health Jamil Jabak called out “from the heart to all mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters not to tolerate breast cancer,” stressing on yearly checkups as “it is an easy thing to do and can save lives.”

He also went on explaining that, following agreements signed with a number of government hospitals and medical centers, this campaign allows women to do semi-free radiography, and radiographs will be free of charge in primary care centers,

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2019 is considered the 17th Campaign. For information about the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and mammograms, you may call 1214.

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