Lebanon Has Successfully Controlled The Locust Wave

Lebanon Now Has The Locust Wave Under Control

Lebanon has placed the locust wave that recently reached its border areas under control, the Lebanese Agriculture Ministry revealed on Tuesday.

The Ministry announced in a statement, “control over the current wave of locusts that swept through some of the areas at the Lebanese eastern and northeastern borders.”

Hundreds of thousands of locusts had recently swarmed various areas in Lebanon, threatening farmland amid a crippling economic crisis.

Efforts to fight these swarms began immediately after the insects were first detected in Lebanese territory. Although the threat has been mostly neutralized, there is still some work left to do.

“The Ministry of Agriculture is concerned with informing citizens and farmers that some limited swarms are still being detected in specific pockets and areas that are being monitored and dealt with,” the Ministry noted.

It added that it continues to cooperate with the Lebanese Army Command, “and we are grateful for its prompt response and usual dedication alongside the specialized teams at the Ministry and municipalities, to preserve national food security and farmers’ livelihood.”

Locust swarms were first detected in Lebanon around 2 weeks ago, shortly after waves of the insects were spreading through Syrian territory.

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