Lebanon Main Roads Reopened by Protesters Only Momentarily

After Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri offered his resignation this Tuesday, Oct 29, a wave of cheerfulness swept through the country, and protesters across Lebanon from Tripoli to Tyre celebrated their revolution’s first triumph.


The resignation was the feedback that everyone on the streets has been awaiting since day one, and many are now clearing blocked streets as a gesture of goodwill while maintaining that the gesture is temporary and that their revolution and protests are unshaken.

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In a statement they made on Wednesday, the “Revolution Coordination Commission” called for “the opening of all roads as a gesture of goodwill and a celebration of what has been achieved so far, in order to facilitate the basic and vital needs of society.” They called for “the continuation of the strike and struggle in the yards of sit-ins until the fulfillment of all demands.”


As stated by the commission, the intention of this positive move is to make way for the transportation of essential needs without which society cannot function. Wheat, fuel, and medicinal products are some of the commodities and materials the stocks of which were getting dangerously low due to the roads being blocked for an extended amount of time.

The opening of roads also gave the authority some breathing space to be able to plan and announce their next move following the resignation of P.M. Al-Hariri. This is what is supposed to happen next: Constitutionally.

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The Lebanese revolutionists expect the government to conform with the rest of their demands within a short period of time (48 hours), warning that they would be quick to resume the effective blocking of main roads and highway entrances around Lebanon if their requests were not satisfied. 

It is worth noting that some protesters stood against the idea of clearing the streets, expressing their fear that the revolution might die the moment they do so. But the majority of demonstrators were convinced that streets must be opened for now, and that their demonstrations be resumed in other places such as government facilities.

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On the other hand, the demands being put forward to be fulfilled in the given 48 hours seem to be unrealistic for what can possibly be achieved by the current caretaker government.

This led part of the protesters to call for the extension of the given deadline to a full month! A timeframe that could cool down the revolution, possibly ending it completely as some claimed. But it doesn’t seem they’ll do so.  A document circulating online today from the “Revolution Committee” is calling protesters back on the streets.

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