A Man Was Just Sentenced For Propagating Zionist Ideology In Lebanon

A Man Was Just Sentenced For Propagating Zionist Ideology In Lebanon

A man was sentenced on Wednesday for propagating Zionist ideology in and communicating with Israel.

The Permanent Military Court, headed by Brig. Gen. Munir Shehadeh, sentenced Hassan Daoud Jaber to 7 years of hard labor.

Jaber had been accused of communicating with Israeli entities and collaborating with them by providing them with security and military information, as well as enticing other people into collaborating with Israel.

He was also found guilty of propagating Zionist ideology via social media platforms and engaging in activities that could stir sectarian strife in .

Alongside his sentence, Jaber was stripped of all his civil rights and fined with 1.5 million Lebanese pounds, and the electronics in his possession were confiscated, according to the NNA.

Jaber’s sentencing comes a day after the Permanent Military Court sentenced 2 Syrian nationals for collaborating with officers in the Israeli military and providing information against Hezbollah.

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