Lebanon Is Considering Closing Down Some Of Its Embassies Abroad

Several Lebanese embassies might cease operating in various countries around the globe as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is studying its options to reduce expenditures in light of the economic crisis, Lebanon24 reported.

Lebanese officials are reportedly considering shutting down embassies in at least 10 countries as a way to scale down the treasury’s disbursements.

In that regard, two assessment criteria are being used by the ministry to decide which diplomatic offices need to go. The first method involves studying the targeted country’s regional and international status.

In other words, the less military strength and political power a country has on a global scale, the more likely it is for Lebanon to shut down its embassy there.

The second method relies more on the presence of the Lebanese diaspora. Simply put, embassies and consulates in countries that host the least number of Lebanese expatriates are more likely to be closed in the near future.

On the same note, the analysis is taking into consideration the social, financial, economic, and political effects that these Lebanese expats have on their current countries of residence.

The majority of the targeted embassies, although not named, are said to be located in South America, according to the sources of Lebanon24.

The fact that Lebanese officials are even considering such a decision reflects how bad the country’s financial and economic situation really is.

Moreover, if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does ratify this decision, it will be affecting Lebanon’s diplomatic ties or work with the selected countries as well as its duties towards its people in these countries.

As such, the ambassadors who work in these offices will then return to their home country and work under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As for the other diplomats and employees of the same offices, who would also return to Lebanon if the embassies were closed, it’s unclear what the future has in store for them.

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