Jaundice Outbreak In North Lebanon Raised The Alarm For A Health Emergency

Lebanese hospitals' stock of fuel is only sufficient to cover their needs for a maximum of two days, the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon warned.
Al Arabiya

For weeks, there have been many complaints about the high incidence of jaundice in Tripoli.

Jaundice, or the so-called White Yolk disease, is caused by the formation of an excessive amount of a yellowish pigment in the blood called bilirubin, which leads to its accumulation under the skin and in the eyes, resulting in the yellowing of the skin and eyes.

Pharmacists Syndicate, Dr. Joe Salloum, called on Monday for declaring a state of health emergency because the cases exceeded 250 in Tripoli and the neighborhood, and hospitals must be prepared to receive patients.

Dr. Salloum explained that vaccines are missing because they are still supported, and there is a significant delay in importing them, stressing that the importance lies in opening special credits.

The Head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Dr. Bilal Abdullah, followed up on this issue and made contacts with Officials in the Ministry of Public Health and the Health Authority in North.

Accordingly, all infected cases are monitored, and work is underway to find out the source of pollution and monitor the safety of drinking water.

The matter will remain under follow-up by the Parliamentary Health Committee.