Lebanon Might Deport A Kenyan Woman For Migrant Activism

Middle East Eye

A Kenyan activist and asylum seeker was taken to the airport by Lebanese General Security (GSO) last Thursday to be deported for her activism for domestic migrant workers.

The Lebanese NGO the Anti-Racist Movement (ARM) intervened and stopped the deportation from occurring.

According to ARM, the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is evaluating the asylum status of the woman, whom they referred to as NM, which makes it illegal for her to be deported while her case is active.

“The Lebanese authorities are breaking international laws and norms by bypassing the UNHCR’s legal mandate to forcibly deport a registered asylum seeker,” said the ARM.

NM was arrested and taken into custody in April for allegedly participating in protests and sit-ins outside the Kenyan consulate.

Her charges were later dropped but she remained in custody where she reportedly faced violence, torture, and harsh mistreatment.

Due to the physical violence that she endured while in detention, her leg was broken. The organization also reported that she was refused medical attention, and denied visits from her lawyer and the UNHCR.

According to the ARM, NM may face persecution and violence upon arrival in Kenya if she is deported back to her country.

NM is just one of many victims of the Kafala system who have faced harsh treatment and abuse for being a migrant worker, and advocating for her human rights.

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