Lebanon’s Minister of Justice Reportedly Left The Ministry From The Back Door


According to sources to MTV, Minister of Justice Henry Khoury left his office and the ministry using the back door.

The Supreme Judicial Council failed to convene today after 6 members refused to attend due to popular pressure.

Khoury was confronted by opposition MPs in the Justice Palace today who demanded he intervenes to protect Judge Tarek Bitar.

Khoury’s guards proceeded to attack the MPs present and tried to take their phones away. They called on him to resign and his guards jailed.

Judge Tarek Bitar has come under attack as he resumed his investigation into the Beirut Port Blast that left 244 people killed and billions of dollars in damages.

Judge Bitar returned after a 13-month hiatus due to political interference. He has come under attack by Judge Ghassan Oueidat who was summoned and charged.

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