Mobile Operators Employees In Lebanon Just Announced A Strike In All Centers


The employees’ syndicate of companies operating the cellular sector in Lebanon announced the strike until the imbalance in the value of salaries is corrected.

This comes after two weeks of discussions between the Syndicate and the management of Alfa and Touch companies on the issue of correcting the imbalance in the value of salaries, and after meeting with the Ministry of Telecom for this purpose.

The Syndicate was reportedly informed of the offering through Alfa, while Touch has not informed them of any new offering to date.

“As a union, we consider that the current proposal does not constitute the minimum required to rebalance the value of the actual salaries, a proposal that we had previously rejected when it was previously put forward by the Touch administration,” the union said in a statement.

Accordingly, the Syndicate decided to announce a strike in all the centers and branches of the Alfa and Touch cell companies.

The Syndicate declared being open to all benevolent endeavors aimed at finding appropriate solutions, especially what the Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee is doing.

The Syndicate will keep its meetings open to follow up on developments.

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