Breaking: Lebanon Now Has More Than 100 Recorded Recoveries

Lebanon Now Has More Than 100 Recorded Recoveries

Rafik Hariri University Hospital announced in its daily coronavirus (COVID-19) report that it recorded 3 new total recoveries on Sunday, April 19th. This raised the number of recoveries in Lebanon to 102.

The hospital also said that 227 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours, 5 of which turned out to be positive. The new report noted that the newly confirmed cases were members of the same family.

Notably, the last report by Hariri Hospital said that out of 160 tests conducted on Saturday, none came out positive.

This, coupled with the fact that recoveries are on the rise while the mortality rate is relatively frozen, is a good indicator of progress against the outbreak.

Regarding the three new recoveries, they were confirmed on Sunday after becoming free from COVID-19 symptoms and testing negative twice for the disease.

When it comes to infections, their daily numbers are also declining steadily in the country, with the latest being just 1 on Sunday, after 5 and 4 confirmed cases in the two preceding days.

With recoveries reaching 102, the recovery rate in Lebanon is now about 15.16%, while that of mortality remains at 3.12%, as of Sunday.

Recently, the Ministry of Public Health launched, via Whatsapp, a virtual informative tool for people to use during the pandemic, as an additional preventive measure.

Similarly, the Lebanese American University started a “Coronavirus Telecare” service that answers people’s questions and helps safeguard possible patients.

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