MusicHall Waterfront is Officially Reopening In Lebanon


In a world that often feels as if it’s spinning too fast, the return of beloved venues can stir a comforting sense of familiarity.

As we look forward to reclaiming the joys of our pre-pandemic lives, the confirmation of MusicHall Waterfront’s reopening in Lebanon comes as a melody to our ears.

MusicHall, a name synonymous with electrifying performances and unforgettable nights, confirmed to 961 that they are indeed primed for a comeback. A place once ranked among the five hottest clubs in Lebanon.

While they played coy about the specific date, the air is ripe with anticipation as the Lebanese crowd eagerly awaits the return of this iconic venue.

The MusicHall Beirut’s rebirth took place last year at Starco in downtown Beirut, a testament to their enduring spirit in the face of adversity.

However, the Waterfront location remained silent, its stage dimmed and its seats empty. A silence that, as we now know, is soon to be broken.

The imminent reopening of MusicHall Waterfront is more than just a venue coming back to life. It’s a beacon of resilience, a testament to Lebanon’s unwavering spirit, and a promise of more good times ahead.

So, as we prepare to dance, laugh, and sing along to the beat of our favorite tunes once more, let’s stay tuned for the official announcement. The curtain at MusicHall Waterfront is about to rise again, and we can hardly wait for the show to begin.

MusicHall also announced it is opening in El Gouna, Egypt on New Year’s Eve.


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