Lebanon Will Be Using An Electronic Vote Counting System For the First Time

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Counting votes for this year’s parliamentary elections will be carried out through new technical and electronic means, as explained by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi.

“The large turn up from Lebanese expats proves there’s an intention to bring the country out of its crisis” Mawlawi expressed in a press conference.

He explained that a simulation of the newly implemented method was performed six days before the elections, while the preparation for the program itself has been ongoing for the past two months.

During the simulation, government officials and personnel uploaded random hypothetical data onto the new system. In turn, the Interior Ministry received the data per the system’s programming.

The new system is programmed according to the current electoral law and allows the ministry to keep track of the election process all over the country.

On Sunday, May 15th, registered voters will head to the polls to cast a ballot that will determine the next 128 parliamentary members to come.

Lebanon is divided into 15 electoral districts. Lebanese citizens who retain their rights and are not convicted of a felony can vote according to their district.

Upon arrival at the voting polls, Lebanese people ought to have the required identification cards. The voter then receives a voter list from the clerk at the poll. After which they are granted entry to a secret booth to cast their votes.

The Ministry assures that the newly implemented procedures are to serve in securing the voting process so that everything goes smoothly and lawfully.

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