Lebanon Won’t Get A New Government Before 2021


After meeting with President Aoun on Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri confirmed that there will be no government formed until after New Year’s.

On Tuesday, after his meeting with Aoun, Hariri felt positive and expressed his hope for a government before Christmas. The pair met again on Wednesday and evidently, there has been a change of plans.

“I hope that there will be a government, but there are still obvious complications; what is certain is that there is clarity in the existing political problems,” he said, speaking from Baabda Palace.

He reiterated the importance of a government of independent specialists to stop Lebanon’s collapse. “Don’t let anyone tell you that we cannot stop the collapse,” said Hariri, addressing the Lebanese citizens.

Hariri called on officials to take this time to think about the people and citizens in need and those affected by the blast, as well as think about the greatness of this country.

“We can stop the collapse,” he said, “but we must be humble and think about the country’s interest,” adding that it is imperative that a government is formed after New Year.

During his statement, he clarified that both he and President Aoun were keen on forming a government as soon as possible since delaying the formation is only putting more pressure on the country.

In other words, despite the urgency needed to rescue Lebanon, the country’s top officials have essentially decided to take a holiday, pausing attempts to form a government until after 2021.

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