Lebanon officially has a new government!

After the nine-month deadlock, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri has officially announced the new Lebanese government.


After meeting the country’s president Micheal Aoun tonight, Hariri announced from the presidential palace the formation of the new government. This comes after the country’s parliamentary elections that took place in May 2018.

The Prime Minister also apologized to the Lebanese for the delay of the formation, declaring that the new government will have to make some difficult decisions in order to reduce the state budget.

This new government now includes four female ministers, up from only one in the previous government. This reflects 13% of the ministers. Among them is the notable May Chidiac – a tv journalist who survived an assassination attempt back in 2005 for her criticism of Syrian’s continuous meddling in Lebanon’s affairs.


A couple other things to note is that the ministries of State for Combating Corruption as well as for human rights no longer exist. And the Minister of Women’s Affairs is actually a woman this time. Ministry of State for Social Rehabilitation and Women is now Violet Khairallah Safadi.

These are our new 30 cabinet ministers:

Head of government

Saad Hariri

@saadhaririembedded via  


Deputy Prime Minister

Ghassan Hasbani

@ghassanhasbaniembedded via  

Ministry of Interior and Municipalities

Raya El Hassan

Via Xinhua


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

Gebran Bassil

@gebranbassilembedded via  

Ministry of National Defense

Elias Bou Saab

@eliasbousaabembedded via  


Ministry of Finance

Ali Hassan Khalil

@alihassankhalilembedded via  

Ministry of Energy and Water

Nada Bustani

Via جنوبية


Ministry of Justice

Albert Sarhan

Via Al Joumhouria

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Akram Shahib

Via لبنان الجديد


Ministry of Culture

Mohammad Daoud Dawood


Ministry of Communications

Mohammed Shuqair

Via Lebanon Files


Ministry of Public Health

Jamil Jabbak

Via Al Kalima Online

Ministry of Works

Youssef Fenianos

Via lorientlejour


Ministry of Industry

Wael Abu Faour


Ministry of Sports

Mohamed Fneish



Ministry of the Displaced

Ghassan Attallah

Via tayyar.org

Ministry of Social Affairs

Richard Kyumjian

Via Im Lebanon


Ministry of Agriculture

Hassan Lakkis


Ministry of Environment

Fadi Gritsati

Via Lebanon24


Ministry of Labor

Kamil Abu Suleiman

Via الجديد

Ministry of Tourism

Ouadis Kedanian

Via جنوبية


Ministry of Information

Jamal Jarrah


Ministry of Economy

Mansour Qutish

Via Al Kalima Online


The Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs

Salim Jerisati

Via Melkite Council

Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs

Mahmoud Qamati



Ministry of State for Displaced Affairs

Saleh Al-Gharib


Ministry of State for Social Rehabilitation and Women

Violet Khairallah Safadi

@vksafadiembedded via  


Ministry of State for Administrative Development Affairs

May Chidiac

@may.chidiacembedded via  

Ministry of State for Information and Technology Affairs

Mohammad Afiouni



Ministry of State for Foreign Trade Affairs

Hassan Murad

Via Im Lebanon

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