Lebanese Parliament Failed To Elect A President For The 3rd Time

The Lebanese Parliament today, September 16, in its session discussing the country’s budget for 2022, agreed to triple the salaries of public sector employees, including soldiers, retirees, and contractors, as part of social assistance.
Lebanese Parliament

The presidential election session scheduled today by the parliament speaker Nabih Berri failed to elect a president.

With the quorum secured, the session started at 11 am this morning. Shortly after, the first voting round started with 119 MPs present.

MP Cynthia Zarazir apologized for not attending the session.

The first round ended with 42 votes for Michel Mouawad, 1 for Milad Abou Malhab, 17 for “New Lebanon”, 55 blank votes, and 4 uncounted votes.

The second round didn’t take place because the session lost the quorum.

Parliamentary speaker, Nabih Berri, scheduled another session on Monday, October 24th at 11 am.

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