20+ Pictures Of Lebanon Straight Out Of Tomb Raider

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Whether you love the video games or the movies, all fans of Tomb Raider can agree on how beautiful and impressive the imagery and visuals surrounding Lara Croft’s adventures are.

From skyscrapers in Shanghai and Greek temples to the African savannah, Japanese rainforests, and Egyptian tombs, Tomb Raider takes you across the globe to stunning destinations.

One place Tomb Raider has yet to travel to, but definitely should, is Lebanon.

Not only is former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim the Arabic voice for Lara in the remodeled video game, but the small country is also home to breathtaking landscapes and structures that would be a delight to watch Lara explore.

To make our case, here are some pictures of Lebanon that could be taken straight out of Tomb Raider.

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/MONDAY, JULY 27TH, 2020 ?A walk with the best view❤️ • ?????? ?Good morning guys from Baalbeck❤️ ?Baalbeck is a city located in the northern Beqaa plain, in the region known as Baalbeck-Hermel ?For a population of 100 000, it has an area of 16km2 and an elevation of 1170m ? It is home to the Baalbek temple complex which includes two of the largest and grandest Roman temple ruins: the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter where the famous Baalbeck Festival takes place every summer❤️ ?It was inscribed in 1984 as an UNESCO World Heritage site. • ?????? صباح الخير للجميع من بعلبك بعلبك مدينة موجودة في البقاع الشّمالي، و تنتمي إلى محافظة بعلبك-الهرمل مع ١٠٠٠٠٠ ساكن، المدينة لديها مساحة ١٦ كلم٢ و إرتفاع ١١٧٠م اشتهرت عبر العصور لموقعها على الخطوط البرية شيد الرومان معابد ضخمة فيها وآثاره الجاذبة للسياح تشهد على عراقتها يقام فيها مهرجانات عالمية تستقطب أشهر الفنانين العرب والأجانب و في سنة ١٩٨٤، سجّلت المعابد في اليونسكو • ?????? ?Bonjour à tous de Baalbeck❤️ ?Baalbeck est une ville située dans la partie bord de la plaine de la Beqaa, dans la région de Baalbeck-Hermel ?Avec une population de 100 000 habitants et une altitude de 1170m, la ville a une superficie de 16km2 ?Baalbeck est connue pour son grand complexe de temples romains comme ceux de Jupiter et de Vénus, accueillant notamment de nombreux touristes mais surtout le très connu festival international de Baalbeck❤️ ?Le site fut inscrit en 1984 sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO _____________________________________________ ?This amazing picture is taken by @pixelville ?, go check their profile, it is amazing! ?Have a good end of morning, and see you later❤️ • • #lebanon#love #instagood #amazingviewsoflebanon #follow #photooftheday #instagram #history #photography #beautiful #river #fashion #life #art #picoftheday #sunset #nature #smile #style #family #followme #beauty #pine #forest#mountain #bhfyp #travel #instadaily #city #baalbeck

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#nature #canon70D #Afqa #lebanon

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?WILDERNESS? By: @pamela_boustany

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