Lebanon Plants Trees Wherever Israelis Plant Spy Cams on the Southern Border


In a symbolic display of resistance, a Lebanese association is planting trees on the southern border with occupied Palestine to block Israeli spy cameras from surveilling the region.

According to Lebanese TV and radio reporter Ali Shoeib, Israelis are installing spy cameras on the towers at the border wall. In response, the Lebanese environmental association Green Without Borders are planting dozens of trees along the border.

Green Without Borders is a Lebanese environmental organization that deals with the country’s reforestation. It mainly operates in the south of Lebanon and in some parts of Beqaa.

Their recent initiative is a show of resistance of the Lebanese people against the Israeli government spying on Lebanon and occupying their neighboring country Palestine.

Of course, trees are not a solution to stop Israel’s mass surveillance of Lebanon, but they’ll certainly make it a bit harder.

The rivalry between Lebanon and Israel has a long history. Recently, The961 sat down with a family who’s building was bombed by Israel in the early ’70s. Their fascinating story begins with a photograph that was going viral online. You can read about it here.

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