Lebanon’s Caretaker Prime Minister “Feared For His Life” When Pushing Anti-Corruption Measures

Reuters/Mohamad Azakir

Speaking with the press on Tuesday, Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab admitted that he feared for his life while trying to fight corruption during his time in office.

Diab revealed that every time he would try to fight corruption he would get a lot of pushback from the political class. When asked by journalists if he feared for his life he answered, “I guess I do.”

One example he gave was the introduction of a much-needed capital control draft law that got “suddenly withdrawn for political reasons,” despite its importance in receiving economic support from the International Monetary Fund.

The Daily Star/ Dalati Nohra

In the wake of the deadly chemical blast that shattered Beirut, Diab resigned but not before calling Lebanon’s elite out for reveling in systemic corruption they’ve created.

“I discovered that corruption is larger than the state and that the state cannot overpower it,” he said.

Since Diab stepped down nearly four months ago, acting since then as caretaker premier, Lebanon has yet to form a new government despite multiple attempts.

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