Lebanon’s Power Plants Back To Normal Capacity After Receiving 6,000 Kilolitres From The Army

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The Zahrani and Deir Ammar Power Plants will go back to operating in their previous capacity after receiving 6,000 kilolitres of fuel from the Lebanese Army.

These two biggest power plants of Lebanon shut down on Friday and Saturday after running out of fuel. They were the last two operational power plants after the Jiyyeh and Zouk plants ran out of fuel as well.

The Minister of Energy announced that the quantity of fuel will provide about 300 megawatts for 3 days, then they will stop again.

Then, the Jiyyeh and Zouk thermal plants will compensate for the Zahrani and Deir Ammar plants’ stoppage.

The Minister also added that the Central Bank approved $100 Million in credit for Electricite du Liban (EDL) to attract fuel offers, which will help raise electricity hours by the end of the month of October.

As of today, Lebanon’s electricity provision is very weak, with some areas getting barely an hour a day. Some areas have faced days without electricity.

Lebanon continues falling into constant darkness, and measures like the ones taken above only help temporarily.

Despite the shipments of fuel Lebanon received from Iraq, electricity is still far from provided for a lot of Lebanese people, who have been facing day-long blackouts.

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Lebanon's Power Plants Back To Normal Capacity After Receiving 6,000 Kilolitres From The Army

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