Lebanon Is Taking Precautions As Locusts Reach Jordan & Syria

Lebanon Takes Precautions As Locusts Reach Jordan & Syria
Roya News

Lebanon is taking precautions to face any potential waves of locusts after the insects reached several areas in Jordan and Syria.

On Monday, caretaker Agriculture Minister Abbas Mortada asked experts at the Agricultural Research Authority to “monitor and study the movement of locust swarms in neighboring countries and take the necessary precautionary measures to confront any wave, if it occurs.”

In a statement, Mortada assured the Lebanese people that this measure is precautionary, adding that “there is no immediate danger to date.”

Over the past few days, the Jordanian authorities have been responding to swarms of locusts that invaded the eastern side of the country.

The Jordanian Army announced on Saturday that the airforce had begun assisting the Agriculture Ministry in its fight against the desert locust waves.

Locusts also reached some areas in Syria. However, the Syrian Agriculture Ministry has dismissed the rumors and pictures indicating a high concentration of these insects in the country.

The Ministry said that the locusts that recently arrived in Syria are few, noting that it had taken all necessary measures to prevent their spread to other areas.