President Of Lebanon Just Blocked Mia Khalifa On Instagram & Disabled All Comments

The Beirut Port Explosion severely backfired on the Lebanese officials, who were already under the scrutiny of the people’s and the world’s eyes for their great job in bringing the country to collapse.

The aftermath of the explosion took away the remaining veiling layer covering their inaptitude to rule, and also their indifference and carelessness towards the citizens they are supposedly responsible for.

The explosion isn’t the only crime done unto the citizens. The continuous disregard of the state towards them in this aftermath is another one; an ongoing one.

And people are no longer munching their words…

Mia Khalifa is one of the activists who took to social media to stand up for the people of her motherland. She continuously posted about her political opinions and demanded a new Lebanese political regime.

People are eating up her response to the situation and can’t get enough. At some point, her controversial past made it hard for people to take her seriously and for what she is truly capable of, intellectually.

However, the Lebanese people feel that she proved herself to be worthy of their love and support by her standing up for their fallen country so fearlessly and openly.

Their voices have long been smothered and oppressed by a system that claims freedom of expression yet doesn’t honor it, detaining and arresting and imprisoning those who dare it.

So when Mia Khalifa speaks openly about what is boiling in the hearts of the people against the state, she becomes a hero to many.

Not only did she attack the government on Twitter, but she also took to Instagram to share her political opinions, continuously posting stories and IGTV’s regarding the Lebanese situation.

Until it upset the president…

A day after the blast, President Michel Aoun posted on his official Instagram account a picture of the Lebanese flag with a black strip, in mourning for the victims. It didn’t turn out well for him.

Comments blew up on how ridiculous it is and offensive to people’s sorrow, including from Mia.

Many pointed out how he, the president of Lebanon, downloaded a poor quality picture of the Lebanese flag from the internet and posted it on Instagram with no caption whatsoever about the situation, and not a word of sorrow or condolences.

Mia Khalifa continuously commented on the post, only to reportedly have the president’s IG account block her.

She also used her huge platform on TikTok to roast him. Her video pointed out that he’s been “asleep” during the whole catastrophe and is doing nothing to help those in need. She is certainly not holding back.


Link in my bio for resources to support the country who’s government won’t lebanon #beirut #michelaoun #thenleave #baddiewithoutthebad

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The961 conducted on Instagram stories a “Mia Khalifa vs. Michel Aoun” and less than 9% accidentally voted for our own president. If this doesn’t say a lot about our government, I don’t know what will.

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