Lebanon’s President Giving Hariri Ultimatum: Accept His Terms Or Step Down

Dalati Nohra

In a short televised address, Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun has called for Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to come to Baabda Palace to form a rescue government once and for all.

“I invite [Hariri] to Baabda Palace for the immediate formation of the government with my agreement in accordance with the mechanism and constitutional standards adopted in forming governments without argument or delay,” he said.

Hariri will be expected to agree with Aoun‘s conditions, which were the initial reason behind the Cabinet formation’s deadlock.

The formation of a rescue government has been dragging for months as animosity between Hariri and Aoun grew over unresolvable differences.

On one end, Hariri is attempting to form a government in line with the French initiative including 18 independent specialists who can rescue the country out of its crises. On the other end, Aoun is holding on tightly to constitutional standards of sectarian quotas and the division of ministries.

If the designated premier is unable to form a government based on Aoun‘s terms, Aoun says Hariri should then “open the way to everyone capable of forming the government.”

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