Lebanon Protests Day 34 Recap: Human Shield Blocks Parliament, Deputy’s Convoy Opens Fire, Arrests

It is the 34th day of the Lebanese 17 October Revolution, and the people revolting are slowly losing the last bit of patience they were left with.


Human Shield Blocked the Parliament Session

People went down at 5:00 am to Downtown Beirut to create a human shield that prevents Members of Parliament from getting into the Parliament where a session was supposed to be held at 1:00 pm. People did not want the session because it was being held for all the wrong reasons.

People blocked all the roads to prevent MPs from having a quorum that will lead to a General Amnesty legislation and its dangerous implications, including absolving them from corruption cases and from any prosecution.

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Unlike what some are saying or might think, the people do want a session to be held but for one primary reason: Parliamentary consultations that lead to the formation of a government.

Very few MPs attended the parliament session

The number of MPs who attended the Parliament is unconfirmed, ranging from 5 to 9, including MP and Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil who made a televised appearance. Due to the success of the human shield, the session was postponed to another day, but not without clashes between protestors and deputies.

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Deputy’s Convoy Opened Fire

A deputy car tried to pass through the human shield but was forced to turn back and leave. The security staff in one of the convoys opened fire in the air, with one video showing the bullet being fired from inside the car, breaking the front-shield.

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The car was met with angry outbursts from protestors, some of whom resorted to throwing objects at the cars in order to pressure them into leaving the area. It is still unknown which Member of Parliament the convoy belonged to.


Banks Opened their doors

Banks across Lebanon opened their doors today for the first time in more than a week. The Association of Banks said in an interlude with LBCI that people’s reach to banks was heavier than usual (shocking), but was still manageable.

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Roads were not as heavily blocked

The main aim today was to block the primary roads that lead to Parliament. People across Lebanon drove down to Beirut to take part in the human shield. All roads reopened after Secretary-General of Lebanese Parliament Adnan Daher announced that the session was postponed.

Revolutionaries watched together the football match in the squares

Revolutionaries in Tripoli and Beirut decided not to miss the much-awaited football match between Lebanon and South Korea. They set up a projector in Nour Square and Riad El-Solh respectively and thousands watched the match together till the end. The result was a tie 0-0.

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Clashes in Riad El-Solh

As the day was about to end, a clash between protestors and army forces, and between protestors and other protestors, was witnessed in Riad Solh at night, which resulted in 11 people injured and taken to hospitals. The reasons behind the conflict are still unclear, as protestors themselves were confused about what caused the disruption.

The tension was dispersed after a period of time with the help of the army and peaceful protestors who kept chanting that the revolution is peaceful.

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Protest against Al-Jadeed TV Station

A number of pro-Hezbollah and pro-Amal men gathered in front of the building of Al Jadeed TV in Wata Msaytbeh in Beirut, protesting against the introduction of the evening news. They chanted slogans in support of their leaders, and against the owner of Al-Jadeed TV.


Numerous revolutionaries in jail

MP Paula Yacoubian and Head of Beirut Bar Association Melhem Khalaf, along with 25 lawyers have been till this moment at the Prison of Helweh attempting to free the protesters arrested today in Riad El-Solh. 


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Lebanon Protests Day 34 Recap: Human Shield Blocks Parliament, Deputy's Convoy Opens Fire, Arrests

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