Lebanon Just Raised The Price Of Bread Again

Lebanon Just Raised The Price Of Bread Again
Al-Akhbar/Haytham Al-Mousawi

The Economy Ministry has raised the price of bread again, as Lebanon continues to suffer the effects of the economic crisis.

On Wednesday, the price of an 870-gram bundle of Lebanese white bread became 2,500 Lebanese pounds at the maximum. The same price was previously adopted for a 910-gram pack.

Moreover, the price of a bundle of bread that weighs no less than 385 grams (previously 430 grams) is now selling at no more than 1,500 Lebanese pounds, according to the Economy Ministry.

The drop in the weight of the bread pack comes a week after caretaker Economy Minister Raoul Nehme initiated negotiations with the Syndicate of Bakery Owners in the country.

The Economy Ministry justified the move in a circular that includes the weekly price table of wheat flour and bread.

It cited the price of wheat on the global stock market, the dollar exchange rate, and the price of fuel, in addition to “a study carried out by the Economy Ministry to determine the amount of ingredients required to produce the best quality of Lebanese bread for the consumer.”

It also serves to “preserve food security,” the Ministry said, and to adapt to “the pressing economic conditions, the low purchasing power suffered by the citizens, and the sensitivity of the bakeries’ syndicates in Lebanon.”

Notably, less than a month ago, an official at the Economy Ministry denied rumors that a bundle of bread would begin to sell at 3,000 Lebanese pounds.