Lebanon Ranked 1st In The Middle East In EF English Proficiency Index

Hayek Group

EF Education released its yearly report on English Proficiency Index, and Lebanon scored the first position out of 12 countries in having the most fluent English speakers in the Middle East region in 2021.

In addition, it placed Lebanon in the 34th position worldwide for moderate proficiency with its EF EPI score being 536

EF Education is an international education company founded in Sweden in 1995 to explore, teach, and spread the English language throughout the world using academics.

The EF English Proficiency Index rates countries by use of the English language skills among adults who take the EF test.

The study was performed across 112 countries on about 2 million test-takers of the EF Standard English Test.

It is not a surprise that Lebanon scores such results since the majority of the Lebanese population is bilingual and more than half is trilingual.

It is however encouraging for the Lebanese during this gloomy phase as they fight through the overwhelming crises, including the students who have been having hard times with the rise of education fees.

Education has always been a high priority for the Lebanese as they deem it a vital asset. Parents in Lebanon sacrifice far and beyond to ensure it to their children for them to have a secure future and a good life standard.