The Lebanese Ranked 9th Among Top Buyers In Dubai

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The recent situation and status in Lebanon resemble a falling state. When one roams the internet these days looking over the statistics of Lebanon, one will find that the angriest people are those in Lebanon. But they also find rates of high achievements by Lebanese.

Despite the overall view on Lebanon, the recent Betterhomes’ H1 2022 Market Report showed that the Lebanese people ranked 9th among the top buyers in Dubai.

Betterhomes 2022

Lebanon ranked 6th last year (2021) for the same position.

This decline is undoubtedly due to its economic crisis alongside the COVID-19 outbreak, and the increasing need of the Lebanese in Dubai and the diaspora overall to financially support their families in Lebanon.

Betterhomes 2021

Despite that the Lebanese are facing unbearable living conditions, they are still holding worldwide rankings in various fields, including education, world contests, sports, and others, and opening their businesses across the Arab Gulf, and even in Europe, and excelling.

A proof of their progress-oriented character and resilience towards stability.

On Reddit, a comment worth reading discusses the stability role in flourishing an economy.

More or less, Lebanon keeps influencing markets abroad through its people regardless of the decline in its overall status.

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