Lebanon Ranked As The Angriest Country In The World


Lebanon ranked as the country with the angriest people in the world according to a Gallup Global Emotions report.

Between the years 2021 and 2022, this report included data from over 100 countries, in which 1000 people from each, who are above 15 years old, were part of this survey.

The survey asked those people about their experience with anger for the precedent day.

The survey found that almost 49% of those who participated from Lebanon did meet the criteria, meaning they have experienced some sort of rage the day earlier.

As per that, Lebanon came in first place followed by Turkey (48%) and Armenia (46%).


Amidst the continuous socio-economic crisis and the drastic currency collapse, these results could only be expected in such devastating conditions.

Most people in Lebanon today can’t afford the minimum needed to provide for their families, pay for their health care or medical treatment, cope with the skyrocketing prices and the dollarization of education, and have full access to their savings in banks, to name the most relevant.

Their frustrations have been only increasing at the ongoing idleness of the ruling body to tackle the crises and implement the much-needed reforms.

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