How Lebanon Reacted to Legalizing Cannabis

AFP Photo/Joseph Eid

On the first day of the Lebanese parliament’s legislative meeting, the government caused controversy when it legalized the cultivation of cannabis in Lebanon for medical export and industrial uses.

Growing cannabis can take Lebanon out of its miserable bankruptcy and turn things around. It can bring Lebanon $1 billion/year.

Since the law was not very clear, many people shared their approval/disapproval thinking that using medical marijuana was now legal inside Lebanon, which is not.

Here’s how people reacted to Lebanon becoming the first Middle Eastern country to legalize cannabis cultivation.

First, by asking the right questions:


Lebanon is the “California of the Middle East.”

“Is that our economy I hear flourishing?”

It’s the “silver lining” of the coronavirus.

“It was about time.”

Chiming in with the facts

Skeptic – learning from history:

The reactions came not just from Lebanese but people around the world were posting about it.

“Lebanon beat us to this.” (USA)

“Middle East’s 4/20 gift to the world.” (Teheran)

We even made the news in China

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