Lebanon Just Received A Big Donation From China

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Lebanon has received a substantial financial contribution from China to enhance its internet infrastructure. This donation will be answering many people’s needs all over the country.

This Tuesday, The Ministry of Telecommunications revealed the good news. China will be providing over eight million dollars to support Ogero, the state-owned telecommunications service.

This funding aims to equip Ogero’s facilities with solar energy panels. This development comes in response to years of electricity shortages.

These outages have severely impacted the country’s internet and phone services, thus denying the Lebanese an essential resource used for their work and studies. Not to mention that the less-than-ideal services come with huge bills that not everyone in the country can easily afford.

In a statement, the ministry acknowledged the formidable challenges faced by the telecommunications sector, including the devaluation of the national currency and frequent power cuts, amid the ongoing financial and economic crisis in Lebanon.

The ministry, in collaboration with the Ogero Authority, successfully secured this much-needed donation from China, with an amount exceeding eight million dollars, to facilitate the installation of clean solar energy systems at over 380 Ogero sites around Lebanon.

The solar energy project is scheduled to become operational by the summer of 2024. So hopefully, after a few months, the Lebanese people will have one less obstacle and can go on with their everyday activities with more ease and productivity.

Additionally, a fundraising campaign will be launched in the coming days to gather donations and secure essential credits from the Central Bank to support this vital initiative.

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