Yemen Is Complaining About Iran-Backed Houthi Activities In Lebanon

AP/Al-Arabiya | UN News

The Lebanese Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, received a complaint on Tuesday from the Yemeni Foreign Minister, Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, about Iran-backed Houthi militant’s activities from Lebanon.

The Yemeni Foreign Minister said that they are “carrying out hostile acts of incitement from within Lebanese territories”, adding that the Houthis have been broadcasting from two television channels from Lebanon, namely Al-Masirah and Al-Sahat TV, without legal licensing.

The official letter urged Mawlawi to request security forces to start an investigation into the matter.

Mawlawi stated the importance of carrying measures against such practices, which “create obstacles facing Lebanon’s official efforts to strengthen relations with Arab countries and endanger the sovereignty of those countries.”

He ordered the Information and Telecommunications Ministry to investigate and determine from where these two channels are broadcasting so that the necessary measures can be taken against them.

The illegal existence of these two channels, using Lebanon soil to conduct their warring activities against a friendly country is further putting Lebanon in jeopardy with the Arab states and its position in the Arab League.

Mawlawi pointed out that it “may impede official efforts to bolster Lebanese relations with Arab countries and undermine their sovereignty, international laws, and the Arab League charter.”

Lebanon has been struggling to mend the deteriorated relationship with the Arab Gulf following public comments by former minister George Kordahi against the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, and the economic and diplomatic impact that has ensued.