Lebanon Just Recorded The Worst Population Decline In The World

Al Monitor

According to the most recent reports of population change in Index Mundi, Lebanon recorded a -8.06% change in population in the year 2020.

This meant that Lebanon was placed at the bottom of the list, ranking 235th. Surprisingly, neighboring Syria was ranked first with +4.64%.

Some Lebanese people pointed out on social media that this was a good thing, considering that Lebanon is an overpopulated country.

However, this serious decline in population growth is mostly attributed to the emigration of Lebanese people due to severe economic conditions, including the dramatic brain drain the country is witnessing.

These emigrants are mostly highly educated and qualified people, ranging from nurses and doctors to engineers. Therefore, should Lebanon continue its current trajectory, it would be problematic in the long term.

For more on the Index Mundi report, check the average annual percent change in the population.

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